On a Mission to Transform 1,000,000 Lives Through Music

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Our Programs

StringBridge Experiences

The StringBridge Experiences program transforms lives by supporting access to music performances and workshops in concert halls, classrooms, and communities through partnerships with local schools and nonprofit organizations.

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StringBridge Scholars

The StringBridge Scholars program transforms lives by supporting access to music education programs through partnerships with local schools, non profit organizations, and teachers.

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Support Our Mission

Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved to support the StringBridge mission. We are seeking help in all areas, including regional leaders, board members and volunteers as well as through partnerships with schools, non-profit organizations, and music teachers.

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You can support the StringBridge mission by making a tax-deductible cash donation to StringBridge, by donating goods or services to StringBridge, or by becoming a corporate partner.

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